Growth Hacker – PT or FT at Uvize

We are looking for an experienced growth hacker to sell a beautifully built product. The position is part-time and can be fully remote or, if you happen to be in Denver, you’re welcome to work in our office space. To be clear, this is going to start as a commission-only position. As revenue builds we’re happy to turn it into a base + commission and possibly even a CEO role where you build out you’re own team.

About us – we have a fully-built SaaS product that competes in both the mentorship and community spaces. We started and grew to decent revenue selling into higher ed (notoriously slow and miserable sales cycle) using an inside sales model, but spent the last 6 months turning it into self-serve product because there’s a huge gap in the low-end of the market. We’ve since run tests into multiple verticals with successful sales in several so you’ll start with both a list of happy reference clients.

This is a great opportunity for someone with growth hacking and/or inside sales / BD experience (channel sales could be another way to grow, as well) to get some extra income and possibly even build out and run their own company someday. Our draft commission structure which, is designed to be simple for us to maintain in the case of low volume and properly incentivizing and taking care of you when you produce a lot of sales by substantially increasing the payout percentage as sales grow. You’re not selling the dream or an idea – we have an actual useful product ready to roll.

Key points for applicants:
Ideal applicant has growth hacking, inside sales or business development experience
Must be okay with commission only to start, so we’re okay if you’re a consultant or have a FT job during the day
Product is ready to go – literally, you can go sign up for a free trial and check it out.
You will need to show us specific growth cases you’ve been responsible for (Product, target market, strategy and results)
Position is fully remote