Marketing content manager at Quanovate

About Quanovate:
Quanovate is a fast growing point of care health platform startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Quanovate, we innovate and commercialize mobile health diagnostic platforms. Quanovate is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting things done and making the difference. We truly believe in our mission of improving life quality of Homo sapiens and put our value into daily practice. We look for individuals who are passionate, self-driven, embracing challenges, and making an impact.

Role description:
This marketing content management position is an opportunity to lead the consumer-facing activities at Quanovate. The responsibility includes building online user community, building and running social networks platform, generating engaging and tailored contents to attract potential users, and possible offline user event hosting. The successful candidate must possess ability to execute effectively with a sense of urgency, be capable to explore and tailor approach according to market feedbacks, and strategical and analytical thought process for logical decision making. This position could potentially lead to the Head of Product Management and Marketing role.

Day to Day Responsibilities:
• Building online user community from scratch
• Building social networks community and generating engaging and tailored content to attract users
• Conduct customer interview and collect feedback to tailor the approach above
• Hosting offline user events to increase user stickiness

Metrics to success:
• Number of active users acquired within a certain time frame
• Growth rate of user community
• Attractiveness of the online contents and activity level of the user community

Hours of work:
10+ hrs / week

San Francisco, CA (Certain remote flexibility allowed)

Required Education:
Business related BS Degree
Digital healthcare or B2C medical device experience or background preferred
MBA or MBA candidate preferred

Required Years and Area of Experience:
Min 2 years of digital healthcare or B2C medical device related marketing and UX experience preferred

Required Skills:
• Must have certain level of product business experience and expertise
• Experienced on digital marketing and user community building
• Must be a fast learner on product knowledge and market
• Ability to handle challenge and thrive in a fast-growing startup environment
• Excellent communication, organizational skills and attention to detail
• Excellent analytical and data-driven decision making skills
• Self-motivated with minimum supervision

Desired Skills:
• Previous digital healthcare or B2C medical device related product marketing management experience
• Knowledge of Point of Care medical device

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