Free Tools to Track Your Freelance Hours


Tracking your hours is, ironically, time-consuming. It can be easy to lose track when you’re bouncing between multiple projects in a day. Before you know it, you’re at the end of the week — or the end of a project — without a complete, accurate log of hours. Avoid under-billing clients with time-tracking negligence, and get a better sense of your productivity, with a web-based time-tracking tool.

Most of these tools include the basics: project and task lists, time reports, and easy “start/stop” buttons. Some go beyond this by also being a resource for team management, timesheet submissions, and billing. It really comes down to your preference of interface and multi-device functionality.


Clockify is a sophisticated app that allows for unlimited users — all for free. If you’re working with a remote team, this app allows you to manage multiple users rather than just yourself. For freelancers, it may have more features than you’d need.


One of Ease’s many functionalities is time-tracking, but its software is much more sophisticated. Ease organizes all of your client projects, invoices, tasks, and more. Plus, you are part of a community of freelancers who are individually matched with clients.


Harvest has various subscription levels, but the free single-person one allows for time tracking and app integrations. The app also have functionalities for expense tracking, reporting, and budgeting.


Timeneye uses a different approach. Instead of tracking your projects, Timeneye focuses on scheduling your days according to your tasks. This app looks beyond time tracking and provides an interface that allows you to be more strategic with your time management.


TMetric incorporates time-sheets, project management, and team management in its time-tracking app. If you’re looking for some more functionality with budgets, billing, and reporting, TMetric may be your way to go.


Toggl has a straightforward interface that works well for freelancers. It has Chrome and Firefox extensions so you can access it easily on your browser. If you’re looking for more browser extensions, check out Simple Time Tracker, TrackingTime, and Elorus, too.