Freelancer Spotlight: Hannah Heine and Her Life With Ease


Who is Hannah Heine?

Hannah Heine is the Co-founder of Mad Genie, Hannah brings years of social media & marketing expertise to the table. She has been instrumental in developing start ups, growing brand awareness, & satisfying client needs across the country. Her travels circumnavigating the globe have shaped her perspective on the value of human relationships in our technological world. She learns by doing & fully embraces the hustle.

What has your experience been like working with Ease?

Working with Nathan and Ease has been a highlight as I’ve taken the leap from a nine to five desk job to working for myself. Stepping outside of the comfort of a dependable paycheck and into the unknown world of freelancing and contracting work can keep so many people away from doing it. I was fortunate enough to connect with Ease early on and take advantage of the network of like-minded individuals who did the same thing I did. Ease is also an incredible platform in and of itself. The user interface makes it seamless to follow through with projects and ensure everyone involved is kept in the loop. I look forward to continuing to work with Ease and hopefully empower others looking to break out of their comfort zone too.