Rleyh Software Co-Founders François Cantonnet and Vinit Jain are Now Working with Ease


Ease is constantly looking for new partners in the industry in support of growing the freelance economy.  Working with the top individuals from around the country to provide opportunities and resources. Resources that will allow you to grow your business and skills from wherever you choose. Today we announce our newest partners Relyh Software in Seattle, Washington who will now being joining in our mission.

François Cantonnet
François Cantonnet is a natural leader through technical depth, reason, and patience. Though not a Seattle native, François definitely embodies “Beast Mode”. Up and down the stack, 30K foot down to implementation details he can do it all. One of the rare and talented individuals that have no upper boundaries. An asset to any team he manages, works with or on. The best part, he does it all with professionalism, respect and a smile. Being the tech guru of Rleyh software, he loves experimenting with new hardware and technologies, bridging them together. On top of being an excellent leader François is a talented engineer who has a deep understanding of many different tech stacks and challenges. He’s not afraid of jumping from front end to backend to security and infrastructure. He is also a hardcore PC gamer, enjoying immersive RPGs and to build his custom rigs.
In a nutshell:
–   +15y of professional experience, over small startups to big companies (Microsoft)
–   Finalist in many hackathons events targeted to AWS, IoT and entrepreneurial spirit
–   Ph.D in Parallel computing and compiler optimizations
–   Expertise in video processing and augmented reality overlays
–   Professional experience in many domains such as enterprise identity, security, compilers, gaming, service, healthcare and finance industries
Vinit Jain
Vinit Jain is Seasoned Engineering and Product lead with over 12 years of experience in building teams and driving product strategy and design, for a multitude of products ranging from Adtech, Electronic Health Record system, Microsoft’s CRM platform to Bing search advertising. Vinit has an entrepreneurial spirit and has always thought about business trends while coding, testing, and having a great eye to connect the tech to business. He has a sharp attention to details which is an essence of quality work for product and tech. Vinit also has Masters in Computer Science from Syracuse University.
–   Fullstack Application Development,
–   Startups,
–   Mobile Advertisements,
–   Search,
–   CRM Business Products,
–   Software Engineering,
–   Product Management
Why did you choose to work with Ease?
“Ease is disrupting the freelancer landscape by bringing innovation, sustained quality and predictability to the entire freelance workflow. This aligns perfectly with Rleyh Software’s mission, to provide a better value proposition to freelancing and remote teams, by delivering unmatched key-in-hand solutions for each of our customers, every time – all the time.”
Francois and Vinit, we welcome you with open arms. With nothing but excitement for what the future has in store for us all.