The Perfect SEO Specialist Job Description For Hiring Managers

SEO Specialist Job Description

SEO Specialist Job Description
SEO Specialist Job Description

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” by Wendy Piersall

The above statement is applicable to those who are specializing in SEO or popularly known as Search Engine Optimization. But, what is SEO really about? How did it become one of the highest-ranking remote jobs in the US as well as the most popular search across all job boards? (see Top 7 Milwaukee Jobs You Can Do Remotely in 2020)

In this article, we’ll be answering the above questions, giving you a brief background about these marketing professionals. Moreover, we’ll share with a good Job description to guide Hiring Managers in finding the perfect one for the role. (see also The Perfect Software Developer Job Description For Hiring Managers)

Let’s start off by defining what SEO means. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is simply described as the art of increasing the visibility of a  website to all users while using a search engine. There are some mixed ups between SEO and PPC, which also stands for Pay Per Click. The main difference between(SEO) and (PPC) is that traffic coming from SEO is free while traffic generated from PPC  is not free (as the name implies, PAY a cost per click).

Since we are done with the overview, our next focus now is our SEO specialists, who are responsible for research and analysis to improve a website’s ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  With the growing need for SEO as a marketing strategy in different businesses, it is important for SEO specialists to make sure that the decision will be worth the investment. That is why having a complete grasp of the actual Job Description and Specification will help Hiring Managers identify a good fit for their team.

1. The SEO Team

In any given project within an institution, you will always need a team. SEO specialists are considered as a Marketing specialist with other SEO experts, within a Marketing team. But in the digital industry, SEO is actually part of SEM(Search Engine Marketing) or Search Marketing which both aims to increase visibility in search engines. One of the SEO experts who are also in-demand nowadays is those who do SEO copywriting. SEO copywriters are responsible for creating a  highly useful content strategy to rank well in search engine results, driving clients, or customers to pay attention to your online business or website.

2. SEO Specialist Job Description

Below is a list of duties an SEO specialist must do upon hire:

  • Develop optimization strategies that will increase the company’s search engine results rankings
  • Reviewing and analyzing client sites for areas that can be improved and optimized
  • Preparing detailed strategy reports
  • Efficiently communicate with other marketing professionals to align goals
  • Monitor daily performance metrics to understand SEO strategy performance
  • Collaborate with others within the marketing department to come up with an SEO strategy
  • Write compelling and high-quality SEO content, including blog posts, page descriptions websites and social media accounts
  • Developing link building strategies
  • Running PPC campaigns

3. SEO Specialist Job Specification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree -Information Technology, Marketing
  • Years of experience and in-depth knowledge to below skillsets is a PLUS:
  1. Use of  Web Analytics
  2. Knowledge of HTML and programming languages such as javascript
  3. A complete grasp of search engine algorithms and search engine rankings
  4. familiarity with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 
  5. Developing and executing SEO campaigns
  6. Experience with website optimization tools
  • Strong organizational, time management, and analytical skills
  • Proficiency in verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of keyword research and data mining tools
  • Prior experience in content marketing, content growth, and SEO
  • Ability to work within a team and independently

4. SEO as a Career and Investment

Rumor has it that the SEO industry will not stay long in the business. But the majority of entrepreneurs and companies still opt to invest in this digital marketing strategy. Below are some facts to consider if SEO will serve as a good career for jobseekers and a good investment for businesses.

SEO will still exist within the next five years, as long as the internet continues to exist. In fact,  93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 47 percent of people click on one of the first three listings. These search engines help people find products and information they need through it.

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization is both an art and science, that will require your patience and a lot of diligence to learn it. There are tons of resources out there on the internet from where you can learn SEO for free, which makes it an opportunity for everyone who has the drive to master it and makes it a career.

I hope this article serves you well and give you the information you need about SEO Specialists. Whatever your chosen path is, as long as it helps you grow and develop, help you earn a living and you can imagine yourself doing for years, it’s a CAREER.

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The Perfect SEO Specialist Job Description For Hiring Managers
The Perfect SEO Specialist Job Description For Hiring Managers
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